“I have worked closely with Carla over a number of years and have always been blown away by her commitment to the development of others. Her coaching and developmental skills are complimented by her strong empathetic style and meticulous attention to identifying peoples’ strengths and making them stronger. She has very high personal standards and has spent the last few years developing her own understanding of what drives/motivates others to succeed, and learning the tools to turn their drive into winning capability. She views coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline and sets the standards for others by role modelling through her own behaviours”.

National Sales, Commercial & Development Manager; Head of UK Route to Market, FTSE


Company Director/Development Consultant

Carla has 16 years’ business experience working in SME’s through to FTSE 25 FMCG companies, in public and private sectors, within highly competitive and legislated environments; her energy, resilience and commitment are key attributes in enabling her to engage, motivate and inspire people to learn and develop ensuring outstanding results.

With unique life experience combinations including Teaching, Leadership, Training & Coaching, along with demonstrable Marketing and Business acumen Carla has a passionate and creative approach to every challenge she undertakes. She has wide-ranging experience from leadership & executive coaching, deploying change management programmes, developing best in class sales academies, to creating impactful results driven leadership syllabuses.

Her passion lies in understanding what drives, influences and motivates people; she thrives on being able to take the complex & seemingly challenging and turn it into simple practical solutions. To achieve this, she loves to seek & understand route causes, ask testing questions and challenge the status quo.

She believes in maximum success and sustainable growth by not only developing the skills and knowledge to achieve outcomes, but understanding & discovering the behaviours, motivators and drivers to connect why and how someone achieves. Leading not only to increased results but greater job satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing.


  • Business, Executive & Personal Coaching

  • Group Facilitation

  • Training Needs Analysis – Skills & Capability Development

  • Business Analysis – Engagement, People Systems & Process development

  • Sales & Customer Service; Communication, Influencing

  • Leadership Development first line leadership through to senior management

  • Change Management & Resilience

  • ILM, NLP Qualified

  • SDI & EI Profiling Accredited