Executive, Personal & Leadership Coaching

Coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Choosing a coach is an important step in personal development. The right coach can help you to understand yourself, change your business and personal life and become more satisfied and fulfilled than ever before.

We work with a wide range of areas including:

  • leadership style

  • personal branding

  • self-belief

  • focus

  • achieving success

  • self-awareness

  • managing difficult relationships

  • understanding conflict and conflict resolution

  • deciding on a future path and setting visions and goals

Our coaching experience is completely confidential and very personal; delving into your conscious and unconscious values, beliefs, motivators and sense of identity.

In order to choose the right coach for you, you need to consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, what sort of style you will be comfortable with and the sort of background, training and experience you expect your coach to have.

We’re happy to talk to you about your coaching needs on a no-obligation basis so you can decide whether you have found the right coach for you.

We offer one-off 2 hour face-to-face coaching sessions on a particular issue, or executive coaching on an ongoing basis. A popular option is to take a block of 6 hours of coaching, and this can be delivered as a mix of face-to-face, video call and telephone sessions dependent on your needs.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaches help to:

  • Clarify goals and stay focused on key actions to achieve them

  • Assess leadership strengths, improvement areas, and performance opportunities

  • Clarify organisational mission, vision, values, and goals

  • Manage time, priorities and work, eliminating less important activities

  • Clarify and apply professional development and career planning

Our coaching has positive effects on performance; by helping you to understand and leverage strengths whilst working on your barriers – what stops you achieving success, we play a crucial role in personal effectiveness and success.

Our insights into organisational dynamics, leadership and development combined with our impactful coaching techniques will help you reach your goals.

Our coaching unlocks blind spots, enhances self-awareness and is a powerful and practical way to help your managers and leaders to focus on their behaviours ‘in the moment’ every day. It helps them solve issues that they face; it gives them ideas and techniques to try out and helps them keep their teams on track, even when it’s difficult.

Our coaches ask tough, challenging questions and help managers explore real issues, and identify patterns/links the manager may not have appreciated before. Our coaches offer useful tools and models to deepen insight or promote successful personal change.

When should you seek coaching?

There are many situations in which we can help, including:


You are aiming for a career goal such as a promotion or a new job, maybe in a new business. Or you have just attained that goal and wish to accelerate the rate at which you have a positive impact in the organisation. You may be dealing with all manners of organisational and personal issues.

Performance Coaching

You are a high-performer looking further to raise your game and attain stretching business objectives. Or you are used to being a high performer but for some reason that isn’t the current reality and you are looking to get back on track.


You are embarking on something completely new and need to work out how to be a success. You may be launching your own business or developing a new product or service for your existing company. We can support, guide and challenge you through this exciting yet challenging plan.

Navigation Coaching

Something significant has changed in your organisation or market and you wish to maximise your chances of success in this new environment. What has made you a success previously may not make you a success in future. With so much at stake we can maximise your chances of success.


You are considering a change in direction, or pondering how to make the most of opportunities in your market / industry.

Leadership Coaching

You are looking to make that key change from managing to leading, or are an established leader with new objectives or a new team. You will want to work out how you want it to be around you, and determine how it actually is, in order to frame then embark upon your personal leadership agenda and develop your own leadership brand.

“Carla has coached me throughout my career. Her commitment, energy and enthusiasm is second to none and will bring to life any development she delivers. She has supported me through career coaching to a point where I have grown in confidence and now become an Area Manager. Her style is friendly and approachable whilst challenging, which makes an interaction with Carla a real pleasure.”

Area Manager, FTSE 25 Organisation

“I now have someone who I can talk to in confidence, have confidential and open conversations with. I am able to discuss ideas, consider pros & cons, make plans & work through ideas before bringing them back to the business.

My coach continually challenges me for the good, giving me space to think clearly and make better decisions.”


For more information and to discuss your needs please get in touch…