UK Power Solutions used our SME People Development Programme and the Leadership Development & Skills Academies.

The Development People have been working with UK Power Solutions since December 2015, building Learning and Development programmes for all areas of the business from Construction teams to Senior Management. Here is a testimonial from Finance Director, James Trumper:

What was the main reason for approaching The Development People?

UKPS is a business that is growing rapidly; in order to support that growth the senior management team recognised the need to put in place a learning and development programme to develop individuals in the business to reach their full potential. We therefore needed a structured plan that could be tailored to individual roles.

As a business we are keen to “grow our own” staff and to manage succession internally as far as possible; to do this we needed to develop our approach to L&D and create a programme that enabled us to do that.

Why did you choose us?

We wanted to work with someone who had the skills to guide us through the process and to be able to pass the knowledge on to our team, so that in time, we could be self-sufficient in managing our own L&D programme.

We wanted the flexibility to manage our own destiny, at a realistic cost. We wanted a partnership that we could flex over time as the business grows and matures.

The Development People partnership has provided this.

What has been your experience from a business perspective?

In a growing business there is always a conflict between the needs of the business and the investment in time required to train and develop people. Lucy has provided the structures that have enabled us to find that balance, without being prescriptive.

The investment that we have made over the last twelve months has been greatly beneficial across the whole company, and Lucy has helped us recognise that this is a process of continuous improvement.

We now have the structures and programmes in place and can work with Lucy on specific development for identified needs.

How would you describe The Development People?

Lucy has been a great asset to our business. She has quickly established herself within the team, and is certainly a team player. She is both commercial and tenacious in getting her message across. The internal courses that The Development People have developed and delivered have been well received in a demanding and fast paced environment, and focussed always on our needs; an enthusiastic and committed partner.