A Forbes study discovered compelling evidence of the dramatic effect of leadership effectiveness on net income.

This graph shows the impact of extraordinary leaders on the bottom line of the organisation.

In short, poor leaders lost money; good leaders made profit; and extraordinary leaders more than doubled the company’s profits in comparison to the other 90%.

In response to this impressive information the question you may ask is: ‘can extraordinary leadership be developed?’ The simple answer is yes; we can develop leaders who inspire people to perform at a higher level and thereby increase organisational productivity and profits.

Source: Forbes


Our Leadership Academies and Programmes are tailored to your bespoke organisational needs and cover a variety of development areas, such as:

  • Personal Leadership, Brand & Impact

  • First time people manager through to high performance leadership

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Communication & Influencing skills

  • Strategic planning, thinking & stakeholder management

  • Critical & commercial thinking

  • Creating a performance culture

  • Vision, direction, standards & expectations – defining your culture

  • Individual & team profiling – understanding your motivations & drivers

  • Building high performing teams

We support leaders to work with their identity and create a vision for their teams to drive change and deliver results that lead to sustainable business improvement. Using tools to build self-awareness, intensive coaching and experiential learning approaches, we combine the right balance of challenge and support to have a transformational impact on the leaders we work with.

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