Working in partnership with you

We work side by side with you and your organisation to deliver a bespoke, tailored and inclusive service:

  • Establish Needs – We immerse ourselves in your culture to understand your business, then identify and prioritise strengths and opportunities

  • Plan – Working together to develop strategies and plans utilising the best resources from our Development Centre

  • Deliver – Supported by your dedicated Project Consultant; delivery, through to implementation and embedding, we have it all covered

  • Evaluation, Measure & Review – Tangible measures and evaluation criteria that link to your individual business needs

Our development equation

Our development equation explained

The Why


We believe that motivation is the foundation to success and achievement. If you understand what motivates and drives you as a leader and your people, you are able to gain the most out of yourself and others; increasing effectiveness and efficiency. We help people to unpick and understand what drives and motivates them; by creating space to allow people to think, asking challenging and explorative questions, using selected tools and techniques to support the process. This leads to greater self-awareness and awareness of others.

The How


Capability encompasses an individuals knowledge, skill and behaviour.

Identifying and leveraging key leadership capabilities and developing these areas to the best possible level maximises the opportunity to successfully achieve.

We ensure skill, knowledge and behavioural development links back to an individuals drivers and motivators, whilst aligning with business objectives and needs. This ensures a more sustainable development compared with traditional training methods.

The What


Performance is the output – the success or change you want to see. The level of performance, achievement, delivery or output is the direct result of the effort a person puts in (motivation) and their ability to do it (capability). Enabling someone with clear vision and direction, coupled with an achievable measurable plan that is tied together with drive and motivation, results in an organic increase in performance levels.

A successful team starts with a successful leader.