As an SME you have worked hard to grow and develop your business / product or service, but what about your people?

We have worked with a number of SME’s who started with 1 or 2 people, that quickly grew to 5-10 even 100+ of employees in short periods of time. This is fantastic for business growth, although with more employees come more complexities:

These are just some of the questions we uncover when speaking with SME’s about their people.

Through working with SME’s we have successfully developed a ‘People Development Programme’ that enables organisations to ensure the most important asset of their business, their people; are focused, aligned, supported and motivated to ensure continued growth of the organisation.

  • How do I create a vision and mission that my employees can engage with?

  • What policies & procedures should I have in place?

  • Are my HR processes sufficient?

  • How do I know if I have the right people?

  • Is my structure supporting my business strategy?

  • What opportunities for new roles do I have?

  • How can I measure & evaluate performance?

  • How do I develop my employees?

Our Approach

As part of People Development Programme we:

  • Spend time with you to first understand your business aims, goals, culture and motivations

  • Undertake needs analysis through questionnaires and interviews

  • Create a specific plan with you using our tried and tested tools and techniques

  • Once you are 100% happy with the plan, outcomes and ROI measures we create for you, we will then deploy your plan ensuring regular meetings and updates with yourself to discuss progress

A plan could include:

  • Creation of vision, mission, values, standards &/or expectations

  • Development of role & responsibility documents, competency frameworks specifically for your organisation

  • Introduction of performance development & performance management processes and/or systems – including documentation and leadership skills

  • Identifying training needs for departments and/or individuals

  • Designing and delivering workshops / skill academies in line with training needs – could include leadership development, team development, specific skills development

  • Producing blended learning resources such as on-line learning, learning portals, experiential learning to support flexible learning time

You will have your own dedicated Development Consultant to support you through the whole process.

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