I’m sure you can recall the dreaded Annual Appraisal….

…it gets close to ‘that time of year’, Managers start panicking to fit in time to collate all the information needed to put on the appraisal forms of all their staff, HR start pestering to put dates in for appraisals and cut off dates for completion, employees have to root out last years form and think something up to talk about this time – what have I done well, what do I need to do better….


What does this process actually achieve for your employees and for the business? Does it really give you a reflection of your employees success? Or does it take a significant amount of time and resource to ‘tick’ the appraisal box for the year?

We do performance management differently!

We believe performance development is an evolving and dynamic process, based on regular reviews & feedback, conducted at regular reviews throughout the year – not once a year.

We have a tried and tested Performance Development process supported with a simple intuitive on-line system that encourages individual ownership of development whilst allowing for effective performance evaluation of targets & objectives, skill & behaviour development, career progression & succession planning – all aligned to the bigger business strategy.

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