Secon Cyber Security engaged The Development People in August 2016 focusing on developing the people side of the business. Here is a testimonial from CEO Robert Gupta:

What was the reason for approaching us about development?

We are a small business that has grown significantly over the past few years; as with lots of small businesses, we took on people to support the different areas within the business as and when we could. These roles evolved and developed with people needing to be very flexible to what the business needs where at the time – this meant that we did not have a clear structure.

The business has now significantly grown, we got to a point where we had a clear plan for the business future and knew what the end result was; what we didn’t know was how to create the right structure / recruit the right people / create and implement development plans to support and retain the best people – this was the reason for approaching The Development People.

Why was it that you chose us?

When we first met The Development People, you instantly gave me confidence. This was based on the experience you have within your business, the holistic and fresh approach you have to developing the people side of the business, your focus – we could see you are passionate about what you do, this is not a ‘tick box’ exercise for you – we are guaranteed to get the best people to work with in our business.

In the past when we have looked into people development it tended to fall back into HR practices and processes – fixing existing problems, your approach was different; the reason you engaged us was because it is about developing people to positively push forwards, challenging the norm, a mindset of growth and progress, a positive approach. Developing people is and investment not a cost.

Finally, you were able to make tangible and measurable links to the business, showing us the impact developing the people in the business can have towards the success of Secon Cyber Security.

What has been your experience so far from a business perspective?

Initially you gave instant support on short term issues, then through fully understanding how the business operates you were able to bring structure.

You have helped us think strategically and differently, mapping out what we want to achieve for our business then mapped it back to the people.

Clear thinking within our management team – before our senior management team had various tracks of focus within the business, through your coaching and mentoring you helped us bring it all together into one clear focus.

What has been your experience so far from a personal / CEO perspective?

I know I can go to an expert, as CEO I need to surround myself by trusted experts who have the same drive for growing the business. The Development People provide me with the experts I need to develop the people within my business.

From a coaching perspective – I now have someone who I can talk to in confidence, have confidential and open conversations with. I am able to discuss ideas, consider pros & cons, make plans & work through ideas before bringing them back to the business.

My coach continually challenges me for the good, giving me space to think clearly and make better decisions.

How would you describe The Development People?

They will help you develop your business through getting the best out of your people, your most important asset.

The Development People are a partner to our business; for the wellbeing & development of all our people.