Social Responsibility

As part of our company’s social responsibility programme we have chosen to support the charity The Nayamba Trust, we are sponsoring and paying the full cost of a teacher at the Nayamba School in Zambia. We will also be providing the benefit of our expertise in people development and leadership training to The Nayamba Trust and the school leadership team in the future.

Nayamba School is a primary school in a rural part of Zambia about 1.5 hours north of the capital city of Lusaka. It was started in 2006 on a private farm by the farmer and his family so that the children of their farm workers and from the surrounding farms and countryside could gain access to education. Up until that point, the nearest government schools were too far away (there is no public transport system) and even then, still cost too much for most farm workers to afford. Initially, the school consisted of a single block of 3 classrooms within which all 7 grades were taught in mixed age and ability classes for half a day each.

In recent years, a group of people in the UK became aware of Nayamba School and set out to help develop the school. This led to the formation of a UK based charity called The Nayamba Trust (charity number 1165845). Over the last few years, The Nayamba Trust has been able to fund many initiatives to support the school through the 100% model that they run. This means that every single penny of any money donated to the Trust for the school goes to the school to improve the lives of young people; there are no administrative deductions at all as the charity is run entirely by volunteers who pay any small costs themselves. Donors have found this very attractive and supported the school/charity generously. In 2016, a large fundraising campaign has facilitated the expansion of the school to include;

  • 9 classrooms
  • 8 teachers’ houses
  • setting up a preschool,
  • starting a food programme (every child now receives a mug of porridge each day enriched with added minerals and vitamins)
  • Connecting the school and houses to electricity
  • Creating a playground with equipment. Also creating a netball and football field for school and community games

The school now teaches and feeds over 320 children daily with this number set to increase next year as the school expands to include year 9 provision. Each year group now has its own classroom and teacher meaning that they can attend school for a whole day and as a result of this and other measures, the education standard has risen dramatically in the last few years.

The children are determined and committed to getting the very most out of their education as possible and work extremely hard. They are all completely aware that the only way to escape the poverty trap that most of their fellow countrymen are in is to become better educated and skilled in order to get better paid employment. In this way, they are able to support themselves and their families which ultimately will pave the way to long term aid no longer being required by this extremely poor country. Nayamba is a good news story and shows everyone that they can play a part in making a difference to the lives of children who have the same hopes and dreams as their own children and just need a bit of help to make it possible.

Nayamba is completely funded from donations and receives no Government support at all. Without the generous support of so many people, the school could not continue and the children in the area would be denied any access to education.