Our successful Vocational Scholarship Programmes have been delivered in partnership with Our Dorset NHS and supporting partners.

A unique and successful approach to recruiting the right people to fill much needed roles such as;
NHS Support Workers, Health & Social Care Support Roles, Admin, and General Practice.

Steve Alywin - NHS Head of Workforce Transformation

"We are both pleased and proud to have partnered with The Development People on a number of initiatives.  They bring a wealth of experience and capability in developing people that extends beyond knowledge, skills and behaviours to a more holistic approach building confidence and belief in individuals and ultimately changing people‚Äôs lives.  The team have a strong focus on the recipient of the training/support and how to enable the individual to maximise the impact of the training/support."
Each Vocational Scholarship focuses on a specific group and develops them over a 4-6 week programme developing:

  • Recruitment Skills - CV, Personal Statements, Application
  • People Skills - Communication, Conflict Management, Professional Working
  • Confidence - removing barriers to work; mental and physical 
  • Resilience - practical tools for the workplace - increasing retention

We have worked various groups: 

  • Care Leavers 18-24
  • School Leavers 18-24
  • Unemployed Adults (DWP)

To find out more please email Info@thedevelopmentpeople.co.uk
We provide all of our development programmes for organisations in this sector, incorporating the following areas:

  • Change
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership
  • Continuous Performance Management 
  • Positive and Proactive Mindset
  • Managing Conflict
  • Creating SPACE - how to get off the hamster wheel!
  • Coaching (group & individual)