The Practical Signposting Implementation Programme is designed to enable practices to deliver fast implementation of a practice-led signposting framework, to reduce patient demand on GP appointments & secondary care.
Our programme focuses on working with 2-key decision makers from each practice over a 6-8 week period.
The programme consists of 4 x 0.5-day workshops that are designed to provide you with all you need to develop & implement an effective signposting strategy. Each programme will have a maximum of 6 practices attending.

We provide project implementation plans, guidance, tools & support; it is important the practice has its own project team to develop the processes, plans, and action the implementation.
  • Together we explore:
    • Potential improvement opportunities - e.g. to reduce demand on GP appointments by up to an average of 25-30% (pre-covid) or readdress the balance of triage vs services available post covid
    • How to implement & embed signposting processes across the practice 
    • Identifying potential barriers to implementation & solutions to overcome through following a change framework
    • How to focus priorities & communications that bring the practice together through shared project delivery
    • Benefits of encouraging a whole team approach, driving consistency & buy-in
    • The tools, resources & frameworks to implement Signposting within practice quickly, simply & effectively
    • Importance of training & communication to Reception/Patient Coordinators to recognise why signposting is beneficial & the part their role plays
    • Ideas for communication with patients & helping them to understand
    • Share learnings & best practice from projects delivered to over 130 practices

Part 1 (Week 1):

In this session we explore & understand the importance & benefits of Signposting in the patient care journey.
We give you access to the Resource Portal & the project plan, then discuss potential opportunities for your practice.
By the end of the session you will have a project plan, access to Resources & actions to take back to your practice.

Part 2 (Week 2):

The second session starts with progress updates, sharing of challenges & findings.
We then look at measurement, evaluation & feedback mechanisms. Followed by a look at the 'people' elements of the project - embedding & sustaining change.
Again you will leave with further information, insight & the actions for next steps.

Part 3 (Week 4):

Part three starts again with updates, challenges & findings. This session focuses in on processes & signposting guides, communication & change plans. Finally finishing on success criteria linked to confirmed measures & evaluation. You will leave this session with all you need to get your project going or moving - it's over to you for a few weeks to implement plans & actions.

Part 4 (Week 6-8):

The final session is between 6-8 weeks later, giving practices time to start to implement plans. The session focusses on progress, successes to date & allows time for any questions/hurdles or challenges that may arise. We discuss overcoming challenges, keeping the project moving & revisiting any areas the group requires.

Online Resources

  • As part of the programme you get access to a...
    • Signposting Online Resource Portal that contains:
      • Project Planning Tools
      • Survey Templates
      • Communication Ideas & Resources
      • Various Signposting Guides & Processes
      • Buy-in Presentations
      • Measurement Ideas & Resources

  • All our frameworks, tools & processes are easily adapted to the individual needs of each practice.

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